Elleven presents the new release in SLK Records. Two drum and bass tracks with great sounds and vocals. Don't miss it! 

Elleven (Artem Akimov) is a drum&bass producer from Orel, Russian Federation. He started making music in 2011. He released a few tracks and some of them were co-made with other musicians on labels such as: SLK Records, Intelligent Recordings, Celsius, Offworld, Liquid Brilliants, Geometry. 

Thanks to cooperation with Nelver different radio shows, run by residents of largest american drum&bass radio station Bassdrive, started playing his tracks. Liquid Sessions Radio played one of Artem's mixed track within the framework if Chillax Tracks project in England. 

His considerable achievement was a track "War Of The Worlds", that he made with Nelver, which was played by the Ministry Of Sound Radio (London, UK) during "Intabeats Drum&Bass" show run by famous DJ Bailey. 

Today after a 2-years break, Elleven is coming back to make drum&bass music.